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UV LED Torch Light Kit “Labino” Model UVG3 2.0 – Spotlight
UV LED Torch Light Kit “Labino” Model UVG3 2.0 – Spotlight
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Lightning Detector “SkyScan” Model Storm Pro2
[Storm Pro2]



The StormPro2 gives you advance weather warning technology you can use, indoors or out,

and take wherever you go, for any kind of outdoor activities. The StormPro2 Storm Tracker

uses the latest miniature electronic technology to detect the electromagnetic (EM) signature

of the lightning strikes in thunderstorms to 130 miles (208kM), then ranges and tracks the storm.

Once the storm is within 75 miles (120kM) of you, StormPro2 provides a warning to you using

four different methods: text messages on the liquid crystal display (LCD), flashing the backlight

on the LCD, changing the color of the power-on indicator (LED), and sounding an audible tone.

All of the tracking and alert functions of the StormPro2 are automatic when the unit is turned on,

and several are configurable using easy menu selections. NOTE: There are two types of lightning

strikes produced by a thunderstorms, cloud-to-ground and cloud-to-cloud, also called heat

lightning. For any user on the ground, the cloud-to-ground strike is the most dangerous. The

StormPro2 is designed to detect cloud-to-ground lightning strikes. There may be occasions where

storms will produce cloud-to-cloud lightning strokes that are not detected by the StormPro2,

but extreme caution should always be used when exposed to lighting storms.


The StormPro2 Storm Tracker alerts you to thunderstorms within 75 miles (120kM) of your location

using the EM signatures of the lightning strikes within a storm cell. The unit detects multiple cells

near you and provides range and speed information on the closest cell, plus an indication

that other active cells are in your area. The indicators will also alert you to squall lines or

supercell thunderstorms (super-cells comprise about 10% of all thunderstorms and are larger and

much more violent than normal storms.) When lightning activity is detected, information related

to that activity is displayed in a set of two-line messages on the LCD. The messages repeat

every few seconds, so any particular message is repeated within a short time period. While the

StormPro2 remains on, it continually accumulates lightning strike data from storm cell activity

within its detection range. As more data is accumulated about any particular storm cell, more

accurate position and speed information is displayed for the user. Once the unit determines that

a storm is within eight miles (13kM) of your location, the StormPro2 warns you that the storm is

LOCAL. The StormPro2 will maintain this warning until the storm has moved beyond the eight

mile (13kM) range. While the storm is local, the unit will calculate and display the estimated time

for the storm cell to move beyond the eight mile (13kM) range. As the lightning strikes from the

Storm cell to move beyond the eight mile (13kM) range. As the lightning strikes from the storm

continue to register, the time to clear will be updated. More precise range alerts can be

customized as follows: under 20 miles 1 mile increments/ above 20 miles increments settings of

5 miles. The StormPro2 continually monitors the EM activity of detected storms and uses this

data to provide additional warning information about super-cell storms and squall lines to

the user when detected. Both of these storm types produce high winds and extreme rain,

and may spawn tornadoes.


สินค้านี้ถูกบันทึกอยู่ในรายการสินค้าเมื่อ 11 ตุลาคม, 2021.
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